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Did you know that some 300 million Chinese get around by bicycle? During clement weather it'd be a crime not to join them and get out and about as well as see the sights.

There are hiking and trekking routes galore as well as bike trails and hiking parts of the Great Wall has become something more of a status symbol than actual exercise.

River cruising, rock climbing, learning Chinese cooking – all this and more is in fascinating China.

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China Activities Guide A-Z

Beijing Activities

Beijing Activities A-Z

Beijing is a city of extremes; a place where the extraordinary pales against the super extraordinary. Here are some tips Read More...

Shanghai Activities

Shanghai Activities A-Z

From river cruises to amusement parks, Shanghai offers a huge variety of activities that visitors can partake in. Read More...

Xi'an Activities

Xi'an Activities A-Z

With the Qinling Mountains to the south and the Weihe River to the north, Xi'an is in a favorable location surrounded by Read More...

Guilin Activities

Guilin Activities A-Z

Guilin is a place packed with pristine water bodies, lush mountains, gorgeous caves, and breathtaking views, so get Read More...

Chengdu Activities

Chengdu Activities A-Z

Besides all the historical and natural sites, wandering around in the heart of the city, Tiangfu Square, offers Read More...

Hong Kong Activities

Hong Kong Activities

The list of what to do in Hong Kong can stretch for quite a distance. Must-try activities include horse racing as well Read More...

Macau Activities

Macau Activities

Visitors will be elated by the vast assortment of activities to be enjoyed on the island of Macau. The most obvious of Read More...

Hangzhou Activities

Hangzhou Activities A-Z

A trip to Hangzhou without indulging in the various city activities would definitely be incomplete. Given its great Read More...

Guangzhou Activities

Guangzhou Activities A-Z

As Guangzhou is one of the busiest centres of commerce in China, there are many things one can do when in town. Must-dos Read More...

Dalian Activities

Dalian Activities A-Z

Dalian is one of the most prosperous and largest port cities in North East China. Apart from being a commercial hub, the Read More...

Nanjing Activities

Nanjing Activities A-Z

Nanjing’s recreational activities cater to people from all segments and ages. The city has plenty of action stored for Read More...

Kunming Activities

Kunming Activities A-Z

There are many tracks and paths through wildlife reserves in the province and it is possible to arrange trekking tours Read More...

Lijiang Activities

Lijiang Activities A-Z

Lijiang is a haven for people who love hiking and sightseeing. Many visitors say it is one of the most beautiful cities Read More...

Dali Activities

Dali Activities A-Z

Dali offers a lot in terms of recreational activities. A popular destination with backpackers, the city is a great place Read More...

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