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People say about Dalian that it is “A City Built in Gardens,” which is quite understandable seeing the impressive array of beautiful fountains, gardens, squares, and lawns that the city is made of. Dalian is also one of the most important tourist cities in China with a rich history. Besides being called as “A City Built in Gardens,” Dalian is also known by some other monikers such as “The City of Travelers” and “The City of Fashion.”

From a tourist's perspective, Dalian offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, modern amenities, excellent climate, great food, and a load of fun and interesting activities. While on one hand you are treated to an ultra-modern and clean city with great beaches, ocean parks, restaurants, and a rich variety of old architecture reminiscent of the Japanese and Russian colonial periods, on the other hand, you have surrounding areas with breathtaking natural beauty and an excellent climate.

What further adds to tourists' attraction to Dalian is the ease of transport that this city affords. It has an international airport, a very well-developed and efficient Dalian Metro, and a comprehensive bus system with well-developed roads where the traffic flows with relative ease.

To sum it up, Dalian totally lives up to the expectations you would have from “one of the three Best Tourism Cities” as certified by the China National Tourism Administration in 2006.

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