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Considered as one of the three best tourist cities in China, Dalian is a complete package for tourists that provides them with natural beauty, impeccably maintained surroundings, rich historical heritage, mouth-watering delicacies served across a number of restaurants, and some interesting monuments to visit in the city.

Dalian is known by a number of different names by the Chinese including “The City of Travelers,” “A City Built in Gardens” and a few others. All of these monikers are well-deserved seeing the kind of effort that has gone into making this city one of the best tourist destinations in the whole of China.

Another special feature of Dalian is that while you have a number of classy restaurants serving great domestic as well as international food, the small local restaurants are what really gives you the essence of the real cuisine. You may have to point out at the raw dishes laid out on the table in places where they don’t speak English, but you’re definitely sure to enjoy whatever it is they bring to your table.

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Weather in Dalian

Dalian is set between the mountains, which play a major role in influencing its climate. The weather is quite moderate; and the city has four distinct seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Dalian’s weather is the most pleasant between May and September; however, this being the obvious choice for most tourists, the city can get quite crowded during these months. For those who wish to escape that and can handle the cold, winter in Dalian has its own specials such as the lantern shows and the firecracker festival. However, the natural beauty may not be as impressive as it usually is during the peak season. If you are visiting during late March or early April -- which could be a good idea too -- you need to carry warm clothing as the climate could get a little chilly towards the final days of winter. Traveling at this time of the year could be a good idea in case you are planning an extended vacation.

Getting Around

Dalian is one of the extremely well-developed and well-maintained cities in terms of transportation, and it is very convenient to move from one location to another inside Dalian. The presence of an international airport makes it quite easy for you to travel from Dalian to other major cities as well.

The cheapest form of transport within the city is buses. The city also has good street cars, which are air-conditioned and quiet, however, they tend to get crowded at times. Therefore, unless you’re on a shoestring budget, taxis would be the next most convenient form of transport for traveling within the city.

The city also has a few three-wheeler transportation vehicles that are convenient for traveling a few blocks. They’re very slow -- you may even see people on bikes overtaking you sometimes -- therefore, choose them only if you have a lot of time on your hands and you know that you’d enjoy the slow ride.

Tips/Good to Know

Just like any other city in China, there is an issue with pickpockets wherever you are. Therefore, always be on guard with your belongings.

Another common complaint tourists have is that local vendors usually up the price of anything that doesn’t come with a price tag. It could even be an amusement park ride where you’ve gone with a local. The vendor would just tell the local that you can afford it and demand a higher payment. Therefore, always remember to bargain heavily in such situations.

When you’re traveling by a bus and you don’t have the exact fare, it’s customary to pay higher and take the balance money from other passengers who board the bus after you. In other words, you’re just collecting change from the other passengers and making a combined payment using your note of a higher denomination.

Plus-sized people need to ensure that they carry all the necessary clothing as they may have a hard time finding clothes of their size. Women should also remember to carry hygiene products and inner wear -- the former, especially tampons, are hard to find; and the latter may not even be available for plus sized persons.

The Chinese also do not use tissue paper in their toilets, therefore, unless you’re OK with adapting with the local ways of living, you need to carry your own tissues.

Lastly, always remember to keep cards that have the addresses of the places you want to visit handy just in case the cab driver doesn’t speak English. This last bit is probably the most important tip you need to keep in mind when traveling to a place where you don’t speak the local language.

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