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Where and What to Eat in China

One of the best parts of Asian cuisine is that you don't necessarily have to part with half your wallet in order to eat well but if you want fine dining it's there for you.

All of the above applies in China, where a one dollar plate of noodles can be as tasty as a $20 meal in a five-star hotel. While it is true that Chinese dining etiquette differs from that of the west, a quick read up on culinary customs will keep you abreast of things. 

Table Manners and Customs

The main difference between Chinese and Western eating customs is that in China everybody shares the dishes placed on the table. If you are being taken out by a local, be prepared to tackle many dishes and a mountain of food. The locals are very proud of their food and your appreciation of it is important in their eyes. A big 'no-no' is to place your chopsticks in your rice bowl as this is reminiscent of joss sticks burnt at funerals. Be patient in waiting for your rice portion as the best dishes are served first and without rice. If you are not adept at eating with chopsticks and spill something it is not a problem; eating out in China is often a messy affair.

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China Restaurants Guide A-Z

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Dalian Restaurants & Dining

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Lijiang Restaurants

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Dali Restaurants

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