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Where and What to Eat in Canton

The main difference between Chinese and Western eating customs is that in China everybody shares the dishes placed on the table. If you are being taken out by a local, be prepared to tackle many dishes and a mountain of food. The locals are very proud of their food and your appreciation of it is important in their eyes.

A big 'no-no' is to place your chopsticks in your rice bowl as this is reminiscent of joss sticks burnt at funerals. Be patient in waiting for your rice portion as the best dishes are served first and without rice. If you are not adept at eating with chopsticks and spill something it is not a problem. Eating out in China is often a messy affair. 

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All Restaurants in Guangzhou

Bei Yuan Restaurant

Another garden-style restaurant. The layout is very classical with pond, mini-mountain, bridge, lawn and flowers. Specialties are oiled shelled shrimp, suburbs fish head, duck palm in oyster sauce and fried chicken breast. Pastries are especially good here.

  • Location: 202, Xiaobei Rd
  • Tel: +86 20 8333 0087
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Da Tong Restaurant

Da Tong Restaurant is located on Changdi Avenue and specializes in roast suckling pig, crisp-skinned chicken and egg tart. It's well known in the Lingnan district for its luxurious decoration and superb cooking and has been operating since before the founding of the People's Republic of China. The Da Tong custard tart is the most famous among its pastries.

  • Location: 63, Yanjiang Rd., West
  • Tel: +86 20 8188 5933
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Guangzhou Restaurant

Its specialist dishes include Wenchang chicken, boiled chicken, shrimp dumplings, and durian crisp cake. The garden-style restaurant has been claimed to be one of the top restaurants in Guangzhou and has produced many famous chefs. 

  • Location: 2, Wenchang Rd
  • Tel: +86 20 8188 8388
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Nan Yuan Restaurant

Nan Yuan Restaurant is located on Qianjin Street in the Haizhu District. It is one of the three garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou and was founded in 1958. Its specialties are in Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisine and dishes include protect country dish, Buddha jumping over the wall, stewed wild goose, bean paste chicken, sliced beef, brined vegetable pork steak soup, and bamboo cream chicken.

  • Location: 142, Qianjin Rd
  • Tel: +86 20 8444 9211
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Pan Xi Restaurant

Panxi Restaurant offers many different types of dim sum. It is a large-scale garden-style restaurant, located on the bank of Li Wan Lake. It occupies an area of 12,000sqm and is the site of Chang Hua Garden, an imperial garden of the Nan Han Dynasty. The scenery of the park is elegant and refined, described as a 'Complete symphonic poem of eastern architectural art'. Pan Xi Restaurant ranks the highest of the three garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou.

  • Location: 151, Longjin Rd
  • Tel: +86 20 8181 5718
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Other famous Cantonese Restaurants

Other famous Cantonese Restaurants include Taotao Ju Restaurant which specializes in steamed bread with milk and eggs, shrimp dumpling, ox and mutton soup, chicken feet and roast goose. It is located on No.20, Dishifu Road; Lianxiang Restaurant specializes in Lotus-seed-paste mooncake, lotus buns, wife cake. 67, Dishifu Road, Liwan District. Bing Sheng specialises in crispy barbecued roast pork, goose intestines in bean sauce, cold pig’s stomach, fried stuffed glutinous rice dumplings. It has a few branches citywide such as the Bingsheng Branch: No.33, Dongxiao Road and the Wufeng Branch: No.438, Jiangnan Dadao (South).

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