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What to See in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the most famous tourist destinations in China for domestic as well as international travellers. Its natural beauty, sightseeing spots both historical and modern, and the beautiful West Lake attract a large number of visitors every year. Hangzhou has also managed to maintain its ancient beauty and charm even in these modern times. 

Marco Polo described this city as, “The most beautiful and magnificent city in the world” making it a must-visit place if you are traveling to China. Whether you are on a short or a long trip, it is wise to plan ahead and make a list of all the places that you want to visit and stick to your plan to get the most out of your vacation.

In order to help you plan your trip, here's a list of some of Hangzhou’s most popular attractions:

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All Attractions in Hangzhou

China National Tea Museum

This is a must-visit place for tea connoisseurs. The Hangzhou National Tea Museum portrays the evolution of Chinese tea over the years and also showcases the beautiful tea culture. Located in Longjing Village, the museum is surrounded by lush green tea plantations. Visitors are also allowed to participate in tea-tasting sessions.

  • Opening Hours: 08:30 – 16:30
  • Location: 88 Longjing Road
  • Price Range: Free
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Fei Lai Feng

Fei Lai Feng, popularly known as Peak Flown From Afar, is situated next to the Lingyin Temple. This is a spot that no tourist should miss in Hangzhou. One of the most popular legends about the peculiar name of the peak claims that it was a name given by the Indian Monk Huili. It is believed that when Huili visited the valley, he was astonished to see such an unusual peak, and he insisted that this peak had flown all the way from India.

This limestone mountain stands out from the other mountains around it and has a number of Buddha images in different poses carved on it, the most popular one being that of the Laughing Buddha.

  • Opening Hours: 05:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Xihu
  • Price Range: CNY 35
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Flower Harbour Park

Famous for its flowery scenery that remains untouched for half a year, the Flower Harbour Park is situated on the shores of West Lake and is 800 years old. At the heart of the park is the Red Carp pond where you can view several thousand red carps.

  • Opening Hours: All day
  • Location: To the west of the south part of Su Causeway, West Lake
  • Price Range: Free
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Grand Canal

The Grand Canal in Hangzhou was built nearly 2,000 years ago and is the longest manmade canal in the world, running from Hangzhou to the South of Beijing. It connects five rivers and has greatly contributed to China’s culture and economy. There are a number of boat trips and cruises available here for tourists, giving them a great view of the riverside buildings.

  • Opening Hours: All day
  • Location: Hangzhou
  • Price Range: Free
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Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is also known as Temple of the Soul’s Retreat, and it takes its name from its peaceful surroundings. Lingyin Temple is the largest and one of the most popular Buddhist temples in China. It dates back to 328 AD, when it was built by an Indian monk named Huili. This temple has a large statue of Buddha in the lotus position. The temple also houses Buddha images in other positions that are just as impressive. It also sports a large collection of Buddhist treasures and relics from the ancient world.

  • Opening Hours: 05:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 1 Fayunnong
  • Price Range: CNY 35
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Mausoleum of General Yue Fei

This is one of the most popular attractions in Hangzhou, especially for tourists interested in Chinese history. During the era of Song Dynasty, General Yui Fei was a national hero known for his bravery. He was wrongly executed based on false accusations in 1141. When the people realised their mistake, his reputation was reinstated and the mausoleum was built to commemorate him as the national hero he was.

  • Opening Hours: 06.00 – 18:30
  • Location: South of Qixialing, Hangzhou
  • Price Range: CNY 25
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Six Harmonies Pagoda

The Six Harmonies Pagoda was built back in 970 and takes its name from the Six Harmonies Temple nearby. A masterpiece and a true example of ancient Chinese architecture, the original structure was destroyed by war and built back in 1156 with wood and bricks. Inside the pagoda, each ceiling has exquisite paintings of animals, flowers, and birds. The panoramic view of the Qiantang River from the pagoda is truly mesmerizing.

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 – 18:30
  • Location: 31 Hupao Road
  • Price Range: CNY 30
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Song Dynasty Town

Situated next to the West Lake is the Song Dynasty Town, which is modeled on the ancient and popular Song Town. This has a lot of historical significance as the duration of the Song Dynast’s rule coincided with one of the most prosperous times in China.

This recreation of the ancient town is set up with colourful shops, stores, and restaurants. There are a number of performances too that you can enjoy, the largest one being ‘The Romance of the Song Dynasty’.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:30
  • Location: 148 Zhijiang Road
  • Price Range: CNY 180 (inclusive of fees for The Romance of the Song Dynasty)
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West Lake

A trip to Hangzhou is incomplete if you do not spend time at the West Lake. This colossal body of water has been one of the main attractions in Hangzhou for centuries now. Today, West Lake attracts a number of tourists, poets, and artists who come here to enjoy the natural beauty and get inspired by it. West Lake has beautiful walkways and is lined with lush green foliage; and there are many attractions around the lake that you can explore and visit.

You can choose to cover the entire distance on foot, take a leisurely bike ride around the lake, or take a short cruise to admire the beauty of this magnificent lake.

  • Opening Hours: All day
  • Location: West Lake, Hangzhou
  • Price Range: Free entry to the lake. The rides and entry to other sports of attraction around the lake have different entry fees.
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Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park is a one-of-a-kind park and is spread over an area of 26,300 acres. There are six main water courses in this wetland park. The park also has ten sites that can be reached only by boats.

Another attraction of this place is the Dragon Boat Race, which is very popular with the tourists.

  • Opening Hours: 08:30 – 17:30 (April to October), 08:30 – 17:00 (November to March)
  • Location: Tianmu Shan Road
  • Price Range: CNY 80
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