China Nightlife

What to Do at Night in China

Although swiftly catching up with the west in nightlife options, China's night scene has a distinct personality of its own. In other words, anything goes. Acrobatic shows, karaoke, disco dancing, a sprinkle of naughtiness here and there, Chinese opera dinner shows, western-style bars and pubs, there's even a Louisiana-themed jazz bar/club downtown Beijing!

In a country with so many influences and people to influence, the nightlife in China is bound to be eclectic, different and interesting. Go for it.

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China Nightlife Guide A-Z

Beijing Nightlife

Beijing Nightlife A-Z

The Sanlitun area is still a pretty busy nightlife centre, despite Beijing's determination to tear everything down and Read More...

Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai Nightlife A-Z

Being a city that never sleeps, Shanghai’s liveliness goes well beyond daytime activity. At night the city’s clubs and Read More...

Xi'an Nightlife

Xi'an Nightlife A-Z

Xian’s nightlife is vibrant enough to satisfy a whole range of taste and tempos and offers a fine example of how the Read More...

Chengdu Nightlife

Chengdu Nightlife A-Z

The city has a wide choice of drinking and clubbing venues. The venues listed on this page are just some of the Read More...

Guilin Nightlife

Guilin Nightlife A-Z

We've been talking about how great the scenic beauty of Guilin is. However, that shouldn't fool you into believing that Read More...

Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong Nightlife

For entertainment, Asia's world city simply can't be beat. In downtown Hong Kong, you'll find the trendiest clubs, Read More...

Macau Nightlife

Macau Nightlife

With nightlife as diverse as its culture, Macau is a 24-hour city that revels in keeping visitors up until the wee Read More...

Guangzhou Nightlife

Guangzhou Nightlife A-Z

The three best-known party streets in the city are Binjiang Lu, Huanshi Lu and Bai'e Tan. Binjiang Lu Bar Street is by Read More...

Nanjing Nightlife

Nanjing Nightlife A-Z

In the past, Nanjing’s nightlife mainly revolved around the Qinhuai River. The banks of the Qinhuai River at that time Read More...

Hangzhou Nightlife

Hangzhou Nightlife A-Z

When daytime outings and excursions come to an end in Hangzhou, its vibrant nightlife takes over. Hangzhou is known for Read More...

Kunming Nightlife

Kunming Nightlife A-Z

Kunming nightlife is fairly lively with many bars and a few clubs. Many places have live music and are busy at weekends. Read More...

Dalian Nightlife

Dalian Nightlife A-Z

Being one of the best three tourist cities in the whole of China, it is only fair to assume that Dalian would have Read More...

Lijiang Nightlife

Lijiang Nightlife A-Z

Although Lijiang's night action is somewhat limited compared to other Chinese cities, the town makes the most of what it Read More...

Dali Nightlife

Dali Nightlife A-Z

Dali has a vibrant nightlife. Nightlife entertainment of Dali City's New District (Xiaguan) comes together on the Read More...

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