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  • Beijing Tours

    Beijing Tours

    It's not a matter of finding something to see, Beijing has everything from the regal to the raucous and the choice of tours is as long as the Yellow River. Read More...

  • Shanghai Tours

    Shanghai Tours

    Choose from the many tours we have on offer: Shanghai has a plethora of interesting options. Read More...

  • Hong Kong Tours

    Hong Kong Tours

    Hong Kong is such an interesting place that to try to discover all of its sights on your own is nigh on impossible. Book and see what this marvellous and culturally rich city Read More...

  • Macau Discovery Tour

    Macau Discovery Tour

    Explore Macau in one day. Take in the main sights such as The Ruins of St. Paul’s; Na Tcha Temple; Old City Walls; Fisherman's Wharf and more, as well as Read More...

  • Guangzhou Tours

    Guangzhou Tours

    Visit fascinating destinations in Guangzhou; the ancient Six Banyan Tree Temple – estimated about 1,400 years old and one of the most important Buddhist temples in Read More...

  • Chengdu Tours

    Chengdu Tours

    On a full-day tour visit the Giant Panda Reserve in the morning and in the afternoon after lunch visit the Sanxingdui Museum, with its remarkable collection of bronze Read More...

  • Xi'an Tours

    Xi'an Tours

    This walled city is a must-see in China. On everyone's mind when visiting here, the Terracotta Army has to be the first place to check out but there's much more. Read More...

  • Kunming Tours

    Kunming Tours

    We have chosen the following tours to show you the best of what Kunming has to offer. Our partners in Yunnan have an excellent reputation in providing quality tours. Read More...

  • Chongqing Tours

    Chongqing Tours

    Chongqing was originally the capital of the State of Ba over three thousand years. The place was called Jiangzhou during the Western Han Dynasty. Chongqing is subtropical, Read More...

  • Hangzhou Tours

    Hangzhou Tours

    Prosperous and renowned in China for a thousand years, Hangzhou  is rich in historic relics as well as natural beauty, due to its location near the popular West Lake. Read More...

  • Guilin Tours

    Guilin Tours

    The Li River, running from Guilin to Yangshuo, is the centrepiece of any trip to Guangxi Province. Guilin's first settlement on the banks of the Li River dates back 314 BC. Read More...

  • Lhasa Tours

    Lhasa Tours

    Located at an altitude of 3,490 metres, Lhasa is the administrative capital of Tibet. Lhasa means "Place of the Gods", and is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. Read More...

  • Nanjing Tours

    Nanjing Tours

    Nanjing means ‘Southern Capital’ which is a sign of the importance of this city located in the Yangtze River Delta. Nanjing was one of the earliest established Read More...

  • Suzhou Tours

    Suzhou Tours

    Suzhou is a charming place that has earned itself the moniker 'The Garden Town'. Mild climate, fertile landscape and abundance of produce,  Suzhou is also called 'paradise Read More...

Yunnan Tours

Yunnan Tours

We have chosen the following tours to show you the best of what Yunnan has to offer. Our partners in Yunnan have an excellent reputation in providing quality tours. Read More...

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