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Xian is a city defined by its rich cultural and historical heritage – the main reason visitors visit the city. Not just a one-trick pony, if sightseeing in Xian begins to bore then head out to one of the city’s many sites of activity.

Xian is packed with fun, frenzy and frolics. Those eager to check out China's golf courses won't be disappointed by the dynamic facilities on offer. With the Qinling Mountains to the south and the Weihe River to the north, the city is in a favorable geographical location, making it popular with adventure enthusiasts. After a day of working your way around the golf course or the excellent Tang Paradise Cultural Theme Park, a relaxing massage will undoubtedly be the order of the day.  

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Tang Paradise

Tang Paradise is the biggest cultural theme park in northwest China and the first garden-like park to fully display the Tang Dynasty's (618-907) culture. Located in the Qujiang Resort, southeast of the Xian City, it covers a total area of about 165 acres of which 49 acres is water.

In total, 12 scenic regions provide visitors with 12 different cultural themes that seek to demonstrate the sheer opulence, prosperity and innovation of the Tang Dynasty. The designers have cleverly integrated all aspects of the dynasty into recreational pursuits within the park, with song and dance, food, poetry and marketplaces amongst some of the features. 

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Golf Courses

Xi'an International Golf Club

The second club is located in the North Suburb Agriculture Development Zone, nearby the Weiyang Lake and the Wei River. Occupying a total area of 329.5 acres, this golf course is an 18-hole 72-par course of international standard. There are 18 fairways located in the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ two areas and the entire length is 7,287 yards.

  • Location: North Suburb Agriculture Development Zone, Xian
  • Tel: 86 29 8667 7111 ext: 302
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Xi'an Yajian International Golf Club

Xian Yajian International Golf Club sits at the foot of Mount Zhongnan, covering an area of over 214 acres. It has a 165-acre 72-par course which has 18 holes, with a total length of 7,015 yards.

The idyllic landscape consists of lakes and oriental flowers, fringed by a mountainous backdrop. Beyond the golf course there are extensive recreational facilities including tennis courts, swimming pool and a fitness centre. 

  • Location: Cao-Tang Tourist & Vocational Zone, Hu County, Xian
  • Tel: 86 29 8495 1236
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All of Xi'an five-star hotels are equipped with luxurious spas that will serve you well after a day of soaking up the sights. For something a bit more economical there are hundreds of massage parlors sprinkled around the city.

China has a long history of massage for health benefits, with treatments that include Chinese body massage as well as oil massage, Japanese shiatsu, foot massage and cupping.

Traditionally, blind men were trained as masseurs, providing them with needed employment and blind massage parlours are still popular to this day.


Bowling has emerged as the most recent recreational craze in China. Similar to the western fad, droves of teenagers and adults can be found down at the bowling clubs on any given night.

Most bowling clubs play music alongside the game and offer the option of food so you can make a night of it.

Chang’an Bowling Club

  • Location: No 49 Beiguan Zheng Jie
  • Tel: (139) 09278265
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Hong Mayi Bowling Club

  • Location: Changle Xi Road
  • Tel: (029) 83 231511

Taoyuan Lake Bowling Center

  • Location: Taoyun Hu western part of Nan'er Huan
  • Tel: (029) 84 243035

Xi'an Hiking & Trekking

Huaqing Hot Springs

Famed for their part in the endearing love story between Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his concubine Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the springs are situated at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong, 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Xian. With a history of over 6,000 years and the palace to which they belong 3,000, the springs not only score highly for the beauty that surrounds them but also for the 43-degree water in which visitors bathe. The continuous flowing water of the hot springs contain minerals and organic materials that have therapeutic effects on the skin, with rejuvenating effects.

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Huashan Mountain

Huashan Mountain is home to several influential Taoist temples – a place to where emperors of past dynasties made pilgrimages, making it the holy land of Taoism. Situated in Huayin City, 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) east of Xian, Mt. Huashan is known as 'The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven'. It is one of the five sacred mountains in China, the others being Mt. Taishan in Shandong, Mt. Hengshan in Hunan, Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi, and Mt. Songshan in Henan. Mt. Huashan was called Mt. Taihuashan in ancient times due to the fact that from afar the five peaks seem to form the shape of a 'flower' (hua in Chinese), hence the name 'Huashan'. It is renowned for its natural vistas of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags, high mountain range and spectacular views.

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Hukou Waterfall

The only yellow waterfall in the world and the second biggest waterfall in China after Huangguoshu Waterfall is definitely a natural splendor that is not easily forgotten. The Yellow River is considered to be the mother of the China and in its basin is the Hukou Waterfalls.

Here wonders include smoke from the fast moving current of the river, 'land boats' (the water in Hukou is torrential, so all the boats from the upper reaches must be pulled out of the river onto to the bank) and rainbows formed by the rising mist– creating an idyllic setting.

With views that change according to the season, the waterfalls are an unforgettable experience of unmatched natural wonder.

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Tabai Mountain Natural Forest Park

Tabai Natural Forest Park (meaning ‘to white’) in Chinese rests at the northern foot of the peak of Qinling Mountain in Meixian County. The name is used to describe the colour of the mountain due to the cold climate and subsequent thick layers of ice. Covering an area of 7,287 acres, 94.3% of which is covered with forest, it contains 10 scenic districts and over 180 attractions.

Since its height above the sea level varies from 0.39 miles to 2.18 miles, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is the highest national forest park of China. It was officially established in 1991 and has been formally open to the public since July, 1992.

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