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Xi'an Nightlife

Fountain and Music Show


North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. With an investment of 500 million Yuan, the area covers some 110,000sqm and is the largest music fountain in Asia. It is surrounded by spectacular sculptures and well-maintained landscaped areas. The Fountain and Music Show has the most benches, the longest light-belt, and the largest-scale acoustic complex in the world.

This is not only one of the most impressive squares in China but is also an important national monument to Tang culture. Shows take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12:00 and 20:30 wintertime and 12:00 and 21:00 during summer.       

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KTV - Karaoke


Karaoke is hugely popular in Xian and this is where you will find locals of all ages belting out both western and eastern ballads. The KTV venues are where people go to have fun and are well frequented. In Asia karaoke is used as a method of romancing and impressing a loved one or potential suitor, so be prepared to be serenaded. It has become a distinct part of nightlife culture in and for most a guaranteed good night.

Real Love is one of the best known and luxurious KTV joints in town, Situated on Nan Erhuan Road (South 2nd Ring Road), it is opposite the Provincial Library. Xialudi is another popular venue, on the 4th Floor of No. 23 North Yanta Road.  

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The Bell Tower


At night the Bell Tower in the historical centre of the city is illuminated to provide a striking backdrop for the surrounding shops and restaurants. This is perhaps the best place to start your evening and to get a feel for the city’s nightlife and a great location to soak up the buzzing atmosphere with the spectacle of light and colour against the dark blue dome of the night sky.

Many tourists and locals frequent the area during the evening to eat, drink and enjoy the unique ambience. Clubs 1+1 (pronounced 'yi-jia-yi' for the taxi driver) is Xian’s most popular disco where drinks flow freely and music plays until the early hours. Considered by many locals to be too noisy, the crowd is generally foreign with a few of the Xian party set. The music is up tempo, featuring everything from house to electronica.

Located at Nanyuan Gate, another popular club is Xian Longdu Disc Club, where the young and hip go to chill out and listen to the resident DJ. Great service and an inviting atmosphere make it well worth checking out. Also well known is the Goldfish Crazy Club located at 77 Xi Yi Road. 

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Pubs and Bars


There are some lively pubs and bars crowded along the short Nandajie, where there is street food and restaurants open past midnight. The Castle Bar is a good place for meeting people. De Fu Xiang, next to the South Street, is a lane with more than 20 coffee bars and is popular with couples and groups of friends venturing out for a late night caffeine fix.

No 21 Bar is a good place for enjoying classical guitar and live music, the lively atmosphere is matched by a friendly crowd. 

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