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Where and What to Eat in Chengdu

When traveling to China, the last thing that you need to worry about is finding a place to eat. You can find restaurants or food stalls at every corner.

Originally, Sichuan cuisine is rather spicy compared to other Chinese food styles, so be sure to tell the person who takes your order whether you prefer non-spicy or food with a little kick.

For homesick westerners, some restaurants in Chengdu also serve western dishes.  

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Lanzhou Lamian

On almost every major street in the city, the Lanzhou Lamian restaurants offer a variety of noodles with choices of lamb, beef, eggs, and vegetables at cheap prices. The restaurant also serves other dishes and has a set menu or ‘Da Pan Ji’, an alternative choice when dining with a group of 3-4 people. The sets include chicken, onion, potato, vegetables, and come with a little spicy sauce.

Peter’s Tex-Mex

This restaurant mainly serves American food with some Mexican dishes. Some of the delightful dishes include the Texas Whopper cheeseburger, chimichangas, the fluffy American-style pancakes, and pie of the day, freshly made.

Staff members are friendly and provide good service. Located on KeHua Road, the restaurant is close to the side gate of Sichuan University with other restaurants surrounding it. 

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The Chengdu Bookworm

The Chengdu Bookworm is an English-language bookstore and library. It also features a restaurant and bar. The restaurant serves well-prepared western dishes including pasta, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and homemade desserts. You can also try the seasonal special dish for an alternative. The bar has live Jazz and Blues music every weekend.

  • Location: on Yujie East Road 2-7, Ren Min South Road 28
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Veranda Bridge Restaurant

Veranda Bridge Restaurant is located on a historical bridge over the Fulan River. This Chinese bistro offers tradition in both food and atmosphere. Sichuan food that visitors should try includes Bang Bang Chicken, Spiced chicken with peanuts and cold noodles.

The restaurant has a very good reputation in Chengdu and some dishes might be a little bit pricy. Major credit cards are accepted. 

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Wenshu Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

Located closest to the teahouses in Wenshu Temple area, the restaurant is run by monks. Vegetarians will love the wide selection of fine Chinese vegetarian dishes. All are delicious and some contain imitation meats made from tofu.

Try the broccoli cooked in oyster sauce and sweet deep-fried pumpkin cake. Seats are available in the restaurant offering a view over the garden. Another convenience for travellers – the menu is in English. 

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Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang

This cook-it-yourself-style restaurant chain or ‘hotpot’ is very popular with locals. You choose your own kebabs or other meat, a variety of fresh veggies, and other add-ins and enjoy them with either sweet or spicy sauces. The price is cheap and the quality of the food is definitely up-to-par. Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang operates in many locations throughout the city.

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